The benefits of yoga, especially when learned slowly and carefully can include increased flexibility, toned muscles, healing on a physical and emotional level, relief from back pain, reducing stress, increased focus and clarity of thought, as well as lowering blood pressure. And you don’t have to see other sweaty human beings from weird angles. Everyone’s a winner.

Sessions are usually 60 minutes and will be tailored specifically for you. Whether you have a regular practice, or have never set foot on a yoga mat, lessons like these can provide the perfect opportunity to get to the ‘mmmm’ bits of yoga, rather than the ‘eh?’ bits!

Lessons can be taught in your own home, if space allows, or in Crystal Palace (SE19).

Don’t forget – these sessions can be 1-to-2 if you’d like to share the session with a friend or partner. The cost remains the same. 



Learning yoga in a big group can sometimes leave you feel more frustrated and frazzled rather than stretched and soothed – which is kinda’ ironic when you think about why we’re doing it in the first place!

The trouble is, there is some real subtlety to the combination of breath and movement. If you miss this, don’t get the personal attention you might need, or the teacher doesn’t have time to give you the modifications your body needs, you’re just not going to get to feel the good stuff that yoga brings. 

The beauty of learning yoga either 1-to-1 with Meg, or in a teeny tiny group, is that the practice can be developed at exactly the pace which is appropriate for you so you’ll end up getting much more out of the sessions and making progress at a much faster pace.




£65 per class if booked individually

Book 3 classes and pay just £180 plus receive an audio recording of one of our sessions together, and lesson notes (on a pdf document) which will be provided to you after the 3rd class. 


No - not like that. It would be weird. We mean you can buy the gift of a VIP lesson. After all, who wouldn't want the present of feeling happier and healthier? We'll provide you with a certificate (sent to you via email) which you can print out for the lucky recipient. Contact Meg for more details.