Workshop: Love to be Loved!

  • Crystal Palace Osteopaths 10 Westow Street London, SE19 3AF United Kingdom

Come and spend a soothing Saturday afternoon learning how yoga can create that most wonderful feeling of all. Yep - we’re getting loved up!

Opening your heart can be a scary thing but with gentleness, compassion, warmth and courage it is possible (and can even be fun!). After taking a short wander through our amazing anatomy we’ll dive into a dynamic practice; using poses to open and strengthen shoulders, core, legs, and back. This will lead us to the ultimate expression of a truly open heart; back bending.

Are you a hater not a lover (of back bending!)? This workshop will coax even the most hardened of you into feeling the “Oooh” rather than the “Aarrgh!”

Then, what better way to soak up the love than with a pause for some tea and treats? After all, self-love has to include the taste buds too.

Our second session will develop some practical tools to take the love with us when we step off the mat and into the real world, as we make our own mantras. Mantra literally means ‘mind protecting’ so it’s a conscious thought we give the mind to help it focus. Want courage? Struggling to surrender? Need compassion? A mantra can help.

Finally, to finish the afternoon in the most loving way possible we’ll reward our minds and bodies with a deep and delicious final relaxation. (No spoilers, but chocolate may or may not be involved….!)

If you’ve got any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact Meg on or on 07747 481688.