Down Dogs at your Desk: Working nava to pancha.*

(*'Nava' is sanskrit for 9 and 'pancha' is sanskrit for 5. So this headline is 'Working 9 to 5' but in sanskrit. Sort of. And I know a headline you have to explain is a rubbish headline - but I was proud of it. So there.)

Just because we've all had to finally put on some real clothes, stop eating Ferrero Rocher for breakfast, and desperately try to remember what the new password for our office PC was, there's still some reasons to be happy….And whilst you try to remember what they are, how about doing some breathing and bending at your desk?

Remember to do these moves gently – you won’t be warmed up so focus on your breathing, with balanced inhales and exhales. Stop if you feel pain or extreme discomfort. Also, if you’re using a chair which has wheels, ensure it’s not going to unexpectedly roll across the floor. This may end in much hilarity for your colleagues (depending on how nice they are), but an awkward trip to A&E for you. 

Folding not filing

Put your bum on the edge of the chair and place feet flat on the floor, wider than hip width apart. Inhale – lift and lengthen your spine. On an exhale, fold from your hips and take your hands to the floor in between your feet. Inhale once more to get even more length in your spine, then fold down between your knees. If your hands won’t reach to the floor, you can place them on some books, or rest them on your shins. To juice it up a bit and throw in a shoulder release too, interlace your hands behind you with straight arms, and take the hands up and behind your head. Stay here for as many breaths as feel good. Come up slowly on an inhale. If anyone is giving you a strange look, smile sweetly at them before going down again, just to confuse them.

Happy Hips

Bring your bum to the edge of your chair. With your right foot flat on the floor, bend your left knee and lift it up towards your chest. Flex your left foot, and carefully place the knobbly bit of your left ankle on the top of your right knee. Keep your hand on the left knee to support it. Inhale, and sit up as tall as you can. On an exhale see if you can allow the left knee to drop down towards the floor. If it’s comfortable to sit here, and if your shin is parallel to the floor you can take a gentle forward fold to add a bit more ‘ooomph’ to the release. Stay here for as many breaths as feel good, and don’t forget to do the other side.

Getting Twisted

Place your left foot up on your seat, with the knee up against the back of the chair. Rest your left hand on your left hip and your right hand on the back of the chair. Inhale, lift and lengthen your spine – a golden thread is lifting you up through the top of your head. On an exhale imagine that you have a light shining from your belly button. Begin to twist your torso, shining this imaginary light as far round to the left as possible. You can use your hand on the back of the chair as gentle encouragement to take the twist a bit deeper. With each inhale lift and lengthen a bit more, and see if you can twist deeper with each exhale. Feel all your organs getting a lovely squeeze, and your spine waking up, before doing it all over again on the other side.

Stretch it Out

A simple one but a delicious one! Stand up, and cross your left leg over your right. Stand equally on both feet. (If this makes you wobble, you can also leave your legs uncrossed.) Inhale and lift your left palm up to the ceiling, keeping the left shoulder down and away from your ear. Hold your left wrist with your right hand. Inhale –get lovely and long, then exhale and arch to the right. Try not to collapse down through the right side – imagine both sides of your torso keeping lovely and long. Ground down evenly through both feet. Stay here, breathing evenly, for as long as you like. Now do the other side so that you’re not all wonky.

Armed not Dangerous

A great one to freak out your co-workers as it looks like you’ve put your arms on the wrong way round. Stand in front of your desk. Put both hands flat on the desk, shoulder width apart, with the fingers spread. Now gently turn both hands so that the fingers on your right hand turn clockwise, and the fingers on your left hand turn anti-clockwise. Turn them both around as far as you comfortably can, without losing connection to the desk. Once you’ve turned so that the middle fingers of both hands are now pointing towards you, very gently lean away, keeping the heal of each hand in contact with the desk, to make the stretch down your forearms a little more intense. Don’t forget to breathe.

Thigh and mighty

If you’re a bit wobbly when on one leg, you can rest a hand on the desk so that you don’t end up face down in the recycling bin. Simply shift your weight into your left foot, bend your right knee and take hold of your right foot with your right hand, gently drawing the heel towards your right bum cheek. Keep your tail bone gently tucked under to encourage a feeling of releasing through the front of your right hip and thigh. If holding your foot with your hand is going to be so intense you let out a little yelp, don’t do it. Loop a scarf around your foot and hold that instead. Again, stay here for as many breaths as feel good then do the other side.

Desk Downward Dog

Ok – so this does involve a little bit of sticking your bum in the air, but if you can get away with it, I highly recommend it. Put both hands on your desk, shoulder width apart, fingers wide. Feel the base of each finger gently pushing down into the desk. Slowly walk your feet back until your torso is parallel to the floor. Feet should be hip width apart. Roll your shoulders down away from your ears and feel your shoulder blades spread wide. Draw your belly button up towards your spine, and feel long from the backs of your heels all the way up to the tips of your fingertips. Let your gaze rest on the floor, or to the space between your knees if that’s comfortable. Breathe, smile, and pay no attention to the awkward throat-clearing noises of your colleagues.

 Chaturanga Desk-asana

If you’ve had the courage to bust out a Desk Downward Dog, you might as well go for it and get your whole body working with this chaturanga variation. From your Desk Downward Dog, lift your torso up away from the floor. For extra grip I suggest you move your hands so you’re gripping the edge of the desk. Take an inhale. On an exhale, slowly lower your torso as one flat plank, bending your elbows at 90 degrees. Keep the belly button drawn up and keep breathing. To generate maximum commotion in the office, you can keep moving between your Down Dog and Chaturanga. Or not. Depending on when your next appraisal is.