We find that workplace yoga works best if we run classes in ‘terms’, but the length of the term is totally up to you – 6, 8 or 10 weeks for example. We ask for payment up front because, well, it makes life easier for everyone.

From £60 per hour.

(We ask that participants provide their own mats.
We’ll bring the fun!)


You’ll have figured out by now, that we’re all about helping you to fit your yoga practice into and around your real life. But sometimes life just gets in the way.

So you know that old saying – “if you can’t get to the yoga, bring the yoga to you”, right?! 

Meg can bring the yoga not only to you, but to your whole workplace. 

Whether it’s a soothing way to set yourself up for a potentially stressy day, a much nicer way to spend your lunch-hour than traipsing around TK Maxx for no reason (no judgement here, by the way), or a quick bend at the end of the day, if you’ve got the space you can have the yoga!