The Perfect Gift for Un-Bendy Bodies: A Yoga Workshop for total beginners

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The Perfect Gift for Un-Bendy Bodies: A Yoga Workshop for total beginners


The perfect Christmas gift for Un-Bendy Bodies!

Stop. Pause. Think.

Who in your life looks after everyone else all the time and never has time for themselves?

Who in your life spends so long sitting at their desk they’ve run out of ways to help their body feel good?

Who in your life has been saying for so long that they are going to start yoga one day, they know it’ll be good for them, yet that day still hasn’t come?

Think no more. You’ve found them all the perfect Christmas gift: a place in my ‘Yoga Basics for the Totally Un-Bendy’ workshop.

This totally beginner-friendly workshop has been designed to help everyone feel more comfortable about taking their first steps into a yoga class, or perhaps starting their own practice at home. We’ll chat, breathe, bend, relax, AND have tea and cake.

It’s happening on Sunday 6th January, from 2pm to 5pm, at Crystal Palace Osteopaths.

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 They’re definitely not thinking about cake. Actually, they probably are thinking about cake…

They’re definitely not thinking about cake. Actually, they probably are thinking about cake…

During the workshop we’ll explore all the different aspects of exactly what yoga is.

After an introductory chat, we’ll kick off with some easy mindfulness which will help even the most frantic of minds get soothed and settled.

Then we’ll move our bodies through some super-simple poses with plenty of options available for all levels.

Finally we’ll do some breathing practices; brilliant for anyone when they need to relax, focus, or press ‘pause’ on their day.

During the afternoon we’ll stop for tea and cake so that everyone has time to ask questions and take on board all the stuff they’re learning.  

But it doesn’t end when everyone goes home. All participants receive a pdf of notes emailed to them, so that they can continue developing everything they’ve learnt.

Every participant will receive:

-           A thorough grounding in the basics of yoga.

-           An opportunity to connect with their breath, move their body, calm their mind, and feel flippin’ awesome.

-           3 hours of learning practical tools and ideas they can take into their everyday life.

-           The opportunity to learn in a super-small group (this workshop is limited to only 10 people).

-           AND a pdf of workshop notes will be emailed to them so they can continue with what they’ve learnt at home.



The cost is just £45 per participant. This includes the 3-hour workshop, tea and treats, plus post-workshop notes. All equipment is provided.

DATE: Sunday 6th January

TIME: 2pm to 5pm

LOCATION: Crystal Palace Osteopaths, 10 Westow Street, London SE19 3AH 

What you need to know:

As soon as you place your order you’ll be sent a link, where you can download the gift certificate as a pdf, for you to print, as well as simple instructions for the recipient to follow for confirming their attendance, and a personal information/health questionnaire which they must return to me prior to the workshop.

This workshop really is for total beginners, but if the participant has any serious medical issues they should check with their doctor before taking part. Please note that the workshop is located on the top floor of Crystal Palace Osteopaths which can only be accessed via 3 flights of stairs.

All gift receipts are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other classes, workshops, retreats or products.

Final ordering date for the workshop certificate (if you require delivery in time for Christmas Day) is 23rd December 2018.

If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to email Meg.