Sunday Morning Yoga

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Sunday Morning Yoga


You're about to take a big ole' step towards feeling happier and healthier, my friend. Yey you! You've got 12 weeks to use the 10 classes you’re paying for. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions just so we're all fine and dandy. Can't wait to see you on a mat! 

Dates for this term are…

  1. 6th October

  2. 13th October

  3. 20th October

  4. 27th October

  5. 3rd November

  6. 10th November

  7. 17th November

  8. 24th November

  9. 1st December

  10. 8th December

  11. 15th December

  12. 22nd December

Please note that one of these classes will be taught by another awesome instructor….

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This Sunday morning class is a mixed-level class. There are some mats available in the studio, but they are of varying quality, so it's probably a good idea to invest in your own; at least you know you're the only one who has sweated on it! Classes take place at Crystal Palace Osteopaths, starting at 9.30am.