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Saturday Morning Yoga for every body: Come alone or share if you care...

  • Antenna Studios Haynes Lane London, England, SE19 3AN United Kingdom (map)

What is life without options?! We have two for you:

Option 1: Sign up as an individual. Pay £104 for 8 classes to be used over the 10 weeks of the course.

Option 2: Sign up as one half of a pair. Pay £130 for 10 classes to be shared between you over the 10 weeks of the course. The perfect option for parents and carers who need to share caring duties with the other person. Click here for more information about how it works.

About the course.

This course is designed for folks who are either setting (an un-flexible) foot on a yoga mat for the first time, or keen to get back to basics, so the group will be mixed ability with plenty of modification options for those who are yet to find their bendiness.  

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve learnt with us before; you can join the gang at any time. All our classes are mixed ability, unless otherwise stated.

We know life can get in the way of your time on the yoga mat. I get it. We’ve been there. We’re often still there. That’s why we give you added flexibility (HA!) so you get the most practice for your pound.

Each term is ten classes (one per week). If you’re signing up as an individual, you only pay for eight classes. So, when life throws you a curve-ball, you haven’t wasted money on classes you can’t get to.

If you’re signing up as half of a pair, you pay for ten classes but you share them between you. (The idea being that one of you is on caring duties whilst the other comes to class, then the following week you swap.) Click here for more details about sharing and caring.

In every class you’ll get a gorgeous all-round vinyasa flow to get you moving, breathing and feeling awesome. But we want to give you more; each term we want you to feel like you’ve learnt something from us. And we mean more than just how to do a sun salutation. 

Every term has theme. It may be something about your body; it may be working on a specific family of poses (like balancing ones); other times it may be a theme that will help you off the mat too (like resilience).

When we’re together in class we’ll learn poses and practices so that your body and mind start to feel healthier. Then while we’re apart you’ll have access to an online community (via Facebook) to continue your learning, share your experiences, and get support from your fellow un-bendy yoga pals. 

Real Life Yoga is all about finding the ways and means to help you bring a little (or a lot) of yoga into your real life, so that’s why this course is different to all the others. We won’t preach – but together we’ll practice. (And possibly get cake afterwards.)

Here are the details and if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to give Meg a ring on 07747 481866 or email Meg.

Where?  Antenna Studios, Bowyers Yard, Haynes Lane, SE19 3AN

When? Our first session will be on Saturday 18th May and the final session will be on Saturday 27th July. Please note there’s no class on 22nd June.

Time? 09.30am to 10.30am

What’s included?

o   8 x  1 hour long lessons if you’re signing up as an individual; or 10 x hour long lessons to share with the other half of your pair.

o   Your own virtual Real Life Yoga community, including regular posts from us, suggesting articles to read or videos to watch, through a private Facebook group.

What’s the investment? 

Meet Your Teacher:


Michaela first started going to yoga because she was fascinated by the seemingly endless benefits for her body and mind. (It also helped that her teacher was rather easy-on-the-eye. Don’t judge; we’ve all been there!) She loved how the classes made her feel, and was inspired to continue exploring all things yogic when she went to University. Fast forward a couple (ahem) of years, and she is now a full time yoga teacher and part of the Real Life Yoga family. Click here to read more…

Still not sure? Fair enough. But I’m just gonna leave this here….

"Yoga with Real Life Yoga has been fun and more.  It’s shown me how I can calm not only my mind and body but my whole frenetic life pace – and not only whilst we’re in class.  I recently injured my back and, determined not to keep swallowing pain killers, set about practising what I had been taught me so patiently over the weeks.  My husband, a complete sceptic, was amazed that within just a day or so, I was able to move freely without the physiotherapy that he undertook last year for a similar problem.  Not only did my yoga ‘reinstate’ my holiday, but it has converted my husband too!" -  Dr T Passenger

Don’t forget – you can contact Meg with any questions or queries you might have. Just drop her an email

Yeah there’s a bit of small print. But I like to keep things fair and transparent so here goes….Refunds will not be made for any lessons you are unable to attend. Lessons are not transferable. Before booking please click here to read all my terms and conditions.