A good question. Don’t just take us on our word. What you should do though, is read the blog. Take a look at our videos. Come take a class or spend some quality time with us on a retreat. We walk what we talk, so if you like what you see then we should totally hang out.


There are some things that will be the same. There will be mats, sometimes props, poses, setting intention, breathing, moving, relaxing…the usual stuff.

But what’s more important are the things there won’t be. You won’t get any judgment, criticism, comparing, complaining, dogma, showing-off, or pressure to do crazy bendy stuff.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, we’ll throw in some smiling (or even – shock horror - LAUGHING!), probably a fair bit of wobbling, friends made, happiness felt and all wrapped up in a massive fluffy blanket of acceptance, love and appreciation.


First of all pat yourself on the back for being an AMAZING HUMAN. If you’re in London you can come to a class (clickity click here to find where they are). Or come hang out with us at the ah-frickin-may-zing Ragdale Hall for a Real Life Yoga Retreat in 2016 (click here for more details).

And don’t forget that if you can’t come and do yoga with us in person, you can always take one of the mini practices that Meg has posted online. Or sit on the sofa and watch them whilst you eat crisps. It’s up to you.



Is it RLY you’re looking for?

Meg started this movement because she felt like you probably do right now. She was struggling to fit yoga into her real life. She was pissed off with being bombarded by images of the “perfect” yoga body (and practice), and totally disillusioned with trying to fit in with all the other yoga devotees out there.

She says “My body and mind have never been very ‘good’ at yoga. You see my mind would rather plan scenarios for being seduced by George Clooney than meditate.

And I like wine. And bread. And trashy TV. But after many many years of loving yoga. Then hating it. Then loving it. Then hating it….etc…. I had to admit that despite it being flippin’ hard work, it made me feel better. Dammit.
But the more I tried to find kindred spirits in other schools of yoga, the more I felt rubbish about not fitting in with any of them. I wasn’t that type of teacher (or that type of student).

I couldn’t find the other rebel. So I became the other rebel.

If you’re looking for a teacher who can pop both feet behind her head quicker than you can say “you bendy weirdo”, who permanently smells of patchouli and compassion, and doesn’t so much walk as ‘waft’ into a class, keep looking.

But if you want a teacher who has had to work for every pose, who knows the trauma of having an unmanageable mind and an inflexible body, and can share your frustrations because she has probably had them all….then you’ve found what you RLY need!”

Why is RLY different?

Of course, the more often you get on your mat, move your body and connect with your breath, the quicker you’re going to get the results you’re after. But sometimes life just gets in the way.

All RLY asks of you is that you do what you can, when you can, where you can. And we’ll help you make that happen.