Hi! I'm Michaela.

I've had a long long love affair with Yoga and, like all of life's relationships, there have been moments of frustrations and lots of joy.

I first started at a little community class with my mum (me mam if you are Northern like me). We kept going because the teacher was very knowledgeable and VERY handsome (am I allowed to say that?!). We found it all so intriguing,; there was a never ending supply of poses, breathing exercises and reasons to focus on your 3rd eye. It was like a magical pandora’s box.

When I moved to London for University I started practicing with my housemates and we did a class together every Saturday morning, mainly to keep fit and because we didn't ever see what Sunday mornings actually looked like. I found it really difficult because it was quite a dynamic class and I wasn't very strong, but kept practicing Yoga throughout my studies because my housemates were so keen and it always feels a lot easier to go with friends. Eventually we struck up a friendship with the lovely Aussie teacher, she gave us lots of tips and wonderful head rubs to make up for all the planks.

But I only really fell in love once I'd finished my studies and started practicing more regularly. I had no idea what I wanted to do for 'a career' or how to be 'a grown up' I wasn't happy in my job at the time or in my relationship but I was happy visiting my old friend Yoga; there was something familiar, comforting and challenging all at the same time.

I decided to do my Yoga teacher training in 2013 and have been lucky enough to teach my colleagues every week from then on, in my 'proper job', for the last 5 years, both in London and in Sydney.

Last year I set up my own business and now teach Yoga & Mindfulness pretty much full time.

I love meeting new people in my classes and love helping to restore a sense of calm and clarity. Yoga teaches us that mostly its all gonna be OK and that everything changes; even plank doesn't last forever.

Hope to meet you in my Saturday RLY classes soon for some fun, a little bit of challenge and lots of chill.

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