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  • phoenix community centre Westow Street London, England, SE19 United Kingdom (map)

ROCK YOUR ASANA: Where power ballads meet real yoga.

£15 per place. Please bring your own mat. 

Are you just a yoga girl, living in a lonely world? Maybe there’s been heartache and pain, and you don’t know if you’ll yoga again?

Perhaps you never really cared until you met….yoga?

What is it?

Rock Your Asana brings together two of the greatest things which exist in my world – power ballads and yoga. So this is a 60 minute class in which you’ll move your body through yoga poses, all the while accompanied by a soundtrack of nothing but some of the greatest musical creations of our time.


"Oh my goodness. This class was so amazing, at one point I did a little happy cry," - Tove Carroll

This kind of yoga is for EVERY BODY. In Rock Your Asana it doesn’t matter if you can barely see your toes, let alone touch them. All the poses will be offered with modifications, so it’s perfect for even the most un-bendy of bodies.

I’m still not convinced. How will it work?

Massive hair is optional.

Massive hair is optional.

Ok – imagine this. Perhaps we’ll start seated; an opportunity to settle ourselves, find some stillness and connect with our breath, accompanied by the wonderings of Whitesnake who ask us “Is this Love?”

Then we might start moving through some reclined poses, before getting the blood pumping with Sun Salutations and standing poses. Mr. Mister will help us mend our “Broken Wings”; Jennifer Rush might rouse up the “Power of Love”; whilst Boston remind us that it’s “More than a Feeling”.

To end we’ll slow things down. As we find ourselves moving into some deeper breathing Berlin could help “Take My Breath Away”, or The Cars may “Drive” us towards savasana (our final relaxation).

Right. So yoga and power ballads go together do they?

Are you kidding me? Of course they do! Music has such an incredible power to bring people together and transport them away from their day-to-day life. You only have to look across the crowd at a gig and catch the eye of a complete stranger who is throwing themselves into their own artistic interpretation of your favourite song and in that moment, you are nowhere else but there. It’s a meditation – you are in that moment where the future and past are irrelevant. All is good. All is rocking. You are all connected.

“Meg is brilliant! Who else would have put together power ballads and yoga. This was my reintroduction to yoga and it was AMAZING! I really loved the lesson and Meg is a fabulous teacher. I can’t wait to try it again! - Jennifer Laing”

And that’s the whole point of yoga – to get us to a place where we recognise we are all connected. To be able to see that same spark of magnificence in everyone we meet (including ourselves) and live a life through which we are always in the present moment, not addled by thoughts of what has been or limited by thoughts of what might be coming.

So imagine bringing people together with their love of power ballads, which are already a pretty potent force in their own right, and combining it with an empowering, challenging, but above all FUN yoga practice?

We’ll be doing our asana to Aerosmith; busting out a Bakasana to ‘Bon Jovi’ and a Sarvangasana to ‘Starship’. I’ll be throwing in some power-grabbing to Poison, Fierce Pose to ‘Foreigner’, I can’t think of any yoga poses that begin with ‘j’ but there will DEFINITELY be some ‘Journey’.

Ooh and if you're coming you should also BUY THE TOP. Just saying.....