“I was firmly convinced that yoga was not for me.  But directly upon meeting Meg I felt at ease.  She demystifies yoga, and effortlessly shows how it can change your life.  By the end of one single session, areas of my body that seemed permanently knotted and locked up through anxiety were feeling more relaxed, and I felt more mentally balanced, alert and confident.  You meet very few people in your life who change the way you look at things and the way you live.  Meg’s one of those people.” Ian Pring


“I am not usually an Ashtanga fan, but I found Meg's down-to-earth teaching approach refreshing. Her classes worked muscles that had been clearly dormant for some time, and in a one to one session she refreshed my memory of particular poses I could do to help my core and sleep patterns, both of which needed work following the birth of my baby. She's very sweet & easy to be with too.” 
Caroline Sygler Jones


“Having never set foot on a yoga mat before, I approached my lesson with trepidation.  A desire to improve my flexibility (shockingly short hamstrings) and core stability was my motivation for trying to overcome my inhibitions about yoga.  Meg put me at ease immediately and helped me work with my body rather than against it yielding surprisingly rapid improvements and making me a convert to using yoga on an on-going basis to complement my usual fitness regime.  Whatever your level Meg has something to offer your physical and mental well being.”
Andrew Percival


“Thank you for introducing me to yoga. It’s something I’ve been meaning to try for a while but I’ve always been put off the yoga classes at my gym for fear that they’ll be populated by flexible people who can do the splits and wrap their ankles round their necks. So it was great to do your classes and realise that, whilst I am as inflexible as I thought, I still found it beneficial and relaxing and it didn’t matter if I wobbled all over the place or couldn't reach my toes!”
Jennifer Robinson


“The most inspiring Yoga teacher I have ever had and believe me I have had many in my time! Meg has an exceptional talent and ability to make one do the movements one did not think possible without pushing or straining the participant, with good humour and a wonderful witty asides.”
Jaleh Hearn


“I believe that who you are on the mat is who you are in life…….. 

Meg shines in her presence and awareness.

Taking advantage of a one on one session with Meg is like spending time with a dear and honest friend.  Happy and cheery but at the same time being able to challenge you to higher limits to refine your practice and bring out the best in yourself.”

Michelle Givskud


"Pleased to say something nice about you because you've made it easy! As an absolute beginner you have not pushed this stiff rigid old body of mine but helped & encouraged me to experience the benefits of this beautiful sport. Thank you Meg!" - Dee Pearman


"The Ashtanga yoga we practice in your classes has really helped me cope with a long term back injury.  I read recently that 80% of people suffer from back pain sometime in their lives, I’m sure if more people did yoga, this would be less.  Great fun class and with a sense of humour.  More please!"
Phil Brooks


“I semi-reluctantly attended Meg’s yoga class. From the outset she made me, and the other beginners, feel welcome and at ease.  Her explanations were very clear as were the demonstrations, and she moved around the class so that even those of us hiding at the back could clearly see what we were supposed to be doing. I enjoyed her relaxed style and she was unfailingly encouraging and supportive, before, during and after classes.”
Colin Gillespie


"I've enjoyed private lessons with Meg for over a year, and have been very pleased with the high quality of the tuition. The personal attention helped me address areas of my practice that needed working on. I've been stretched in every sense of the world. A five star experience."
Andy Walker

“I've been doing yoga with Meg for well over a year and I love it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her classes. She is a brilliant teacher, makes the sessions great fun whilst motivating you to really push yourself and realise your full potential.”
Debby Hannaford


"Yoga with Meg has been fun and more.  It’s shown me how by controlling my breathing, I can calm not only my mind and body but my whole frenetic life pace – and not only on a Thursday evening.  I recently injured my back on a walking holiday in the north of England and, determined not to keep swallowing pain killers, set about practising what Meg has preached to me so patiently over the weeks and months.  My husband, a complete sceptic, was so amazed that within just a day or so, I was able to move freely without the need for the 5 x 1 hour sessions of physio that he undertook last year for a similar problem.  Not only did my yoga ‘reinstate’ my holiday, but it converted my other half – and I’ve recently noticed him doing a few downward dogs when watching Gloucester play on the TV – and it seems to be working magic on the Gloucester game too – rugby coaching by remote control yoga! Thank you Meg!"
Dr Terri Passenger


 “Meg’s classes are well judged for the audience, created real enthusiasm and a sense of fun whilst still being true to the rigour and intent of the yoga tradition.”
Carole Gillespie