RLY exists to blow up all the reasons why you think you can’t start using yoga to make your life more amazing TODAY.

Think you need loads of time? Wrong.

Think you need to be flexible? Definitely wrong.

Think that your body can’t do it? Couldn’t be more wrong. (Spoiler alert: if you’re breathing, you can do yoga.)



Real Life Yoga (RLY) is a movement to help people bring a little (or a lot) of yoga into their real lives. Yoga is about being curious, not a contortionist. It’s about using amazing practices to become the best version of you – on every level. Yoga is for any body.

RLY doesn’t care if you can barely see your toes, let alone touch them. RLY couldn’t give a toss if your yoga kit cost as much as a small car or came from the charity shop. RLY isn’t going to tell you to do this every day or even every week because we know that sometimes life (REAL life) gets in the way.





RLY gives people the tools they need to start changing their lives. We offer bite-sized online sessions if you have got 10 minutes to spare between appointments, 30 minutes to de-frazzle your brain during your lunch hour, or an hour after the kids have gone to bed. We’ve got guided meditations to use whilst walking the dog or killing time at the side of the playground. We run free classes because there should be no obstacles to yoga – especially not your bank balance…. And lots more besides.