You’ll have figured out by now, that Real Life Yoga is all about helping you to fit your yoga practice into and around your real life. But sometimes life just gets in the way. And sometimes life includes work.

So you know that old saying – “if you can’t get to the yoga, bring the yoga to you”, right?

Well, I can bring the yoga not only to you, but to your whole workplace. 

Whether it’s an early morning session to set yourself up for a potentially stressy day, a much nicer way to spend your lunch-hour than traipsing around TK Maxx for no reason (no judgement here, by the way), or a quick bend at the end of the day, if you’ve got the space you can have the yoga!

First of all I'll come and teach a free taster class. It's an opportunity for folks to see what the sessions would be like, and together we can suss out how we could make the sessions fit your requirements. Assuming that all goes swimmingly, I ask that you sign up for a 'term' of classes of between 6 and 10 weeks. This works much better than just offering drop-in sessions as the more often people come, (and they're more likely to come if they've committed in advance) the more they'll get out of the classes, and the sooner they'll start to feel happier and healthier as a result. 

My aim during the sessions would be to obviously give people a nurturing time away from their desks, but to also equip them with practical tools that they can then use during the working day when things get a bit fraught! And, of course, the beauty is that the breath work and relaxation techniques can be subtly adapted to almost anywhere - the Tube whilst commuting, a frustratingly long queue in Sainsbury's, or a challenging meeting.

Alternatively, if folks feel like they have enough of the physical stuff and just want to learn something only for their minds, I also offer meditation and mindfulness classes. These lessons usually involve some gentle chair-based stretching, then simple mindfulness techniques. (As with the yoga classes, I always come and teach a freebie one of these first too.) 

I ask for payment up front because, well, it makes life easier for everyone. 

Get in touch today and we can have a chat about how together we can bring some wonderfulness into your workplace!

From £65 per hour for yoga classes. 

From £50 per 45 minutes for meditation classes.

(We ask that participants provide their own mats. We’ll bring the fun!)




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