THIS IS WHERE YOU BOOK! here's how...

All my ongoing courses run on a ten week term. The best way to get the most out of learning with me is to book for the whole course. But then I would say that, wouldn't I?! They all have the flexibility to miss a couple of classes without losing money. So if you're starting the course from the beginning you'll be able to pay for 8 classes but have the whole 10 weeks to use them. If you join the course a few weeks in, you'll be able to pay for 5 but have the remaining 7 weeks of the course to use them. 

1.) Click on the first lesson of the course you want to book for (Dates for next terms are as follows: Saturdays starts on 25th March, Thursdays starts on 20th April, Mondays starts on 24th April). Then click on the tick next to it. 

2.) You'll get a drop-down menu. Click on the pass option. 

3.) Complete your contact details.

4.) Pop in your card details. 

Please note that you MUST reserve your place in all the sessions that you think you'll be able to attend.

So, as soon as your pass is purchased I suggest you book yourself into all the classes you know (or you're fairly sure) you'll be at for the duration of the course. As long as you cancel your booking 24 hours before the class starts, you won't lose your credit. 

 If there are any spaces available for classes, they will be open for booking by 'drop-in' students. Places will be allocated on a first booked; first fitted-in, basis. So, if you're buying your pass now, commit to the lessons to a.) give yourself a bit of extra motivation to be there, and b.) make sure you get your place! 

For all the terms and conditions please check out this page where hopefully all your questions, queries and wonderings will be answered. 


Places are offered to pass-holders as a priority. If there are any drop-in places available, they will appear as an option when you click on the class. If no 'drop-in' option is there, it means the class is full with pass-holders. Soz!