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Monday Morning Yoga for Every Body

  • crystal palace osteopaths 10 Westow Street London, England, SE19 3AH United Kingdom (map)




This is the yoga course with added flexibility (HA!) to help you get the most practice for your pound. I know life can get in the way of your time on the yoga mat. I get it. I’ve been there. (I’m often still there.) 

So - this course consists of ten classes (one per week) but you pay only for eight. It means when life throws you a curve-ball, you haven’t wasted money on classes you can’t get to. Plus, as an awesome Sydenham Mum/Dad/Caregiver, you get an extra 10% discount. Whoop!

A big grin is just one of the positive side effects of yoga.

A big grin is just one of the positive side effects of yoga.

In every class you’ll get a gorgeous all-round vinyasa flow to get you moving, breathing and feeling awesome. But I want to give you more; each term I want you to feel like you’ve learnt something from me. And I mean more than just how to do a sun salutation. 

Every term has theme. It may be something about your body; it may be working on a specific family of poses (like balancing ones); other times it may be a theme that will help you off the mat too (like resilience).

Over this ten-week term you’ll get a feel-good flowing practice, which will get your whole body feeling awesome, with an extra ‘kick’. Why? Because we'll be putting a little extra focus on our fabulous feet. Whether you think yours are pretty or not, they’re toe-tally terrific (sorry) and we’re going to find out why. They’re what give us our foundations in this world and we’ll see that as we move our attention on up through knees and hips, connecting to them is literally our most important first step (whether we’re off the yoga mat or on it).

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve learnt with me before; you can join the gang at any time. All my classes are mixed ability, unless otherwise stated.


Details are below. For more information don’t hesitate to give me a ring on 07747 481688 or email Meg

Where? Crystal Palace Osteopaths, 10 Westow St., Crystal Palace, London, SE19 3AH

When? Our first session will be on Monday 25th June and the last class will be on Monday 17th September. (No classes on 16th July, 6th August, and 27th August.)

Time? 9.30am to 10.30am.

Investment? 8 hour-long lessons for just £93.60.

Yeah there’s a bit of small print. But I like to keep things fair and transparent so before booking please click here to read all my terms and conditions.