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SUNDAY MORNING YOGA - Start your day in the very best way....

  • Crystal Palace Osteopaths 10 Westow Street London, England, SE19 3AH United Kingdom (map)

Done a teensy bit of yoga but still too scared to take a class?

Taken a break from your practice and need to go back to basics?

Want to develop your yoga (from wherever it’s at) and feel more confident on a sticky mat?

Everyone can benefit from building on the basics…

Everyone can benefit from building on the basics…

Maybe online classes left you more confused than calmed?

Perhaps the studio you went to felt more like a circus than an oasis?

Did the class make you want to say “ARGH!” rather than “aah”?

 This is the perfect course for anyone who has had even a small introduction to yoga, but wants to methodically build on whatever basics they’ve got. (Can’t commit to the course? No problem. A very limited number of £15 drop-in places are sometimes available week-by-week.)

If you know your sun salutation from your savasana, can tell one end of a Downward Facing Dog from the other, but still feel like the least-bendy person in any room – you’ll be amongst friends in this weekly class.

Together we will slowly develop your practice by going back to basics, so that by the end you’ll feel capable in key poses, balanced in your breath, and accomplished in your asana.

PLUS it comes with added flexibility (HA!);

…you pay for 10 lessons but have 12 weeks over which to use them. So, if life throws a spanner in the works you haven’t wasted money on classes you can’t get to.

We’re smiling because we’re thinking of all the roast potatoes we’re going to eat after class…

We’re smiling because we’re thinking of all the roast potatoes we’re going to eat after class…

Here’s what a typical 60 minute lesson might look like:

-       We’ll sit and start with a simple bit of mindfulness; an easy but effective practice to get settled and ready to make the most of our time together.

-       Then we’ll get moving into our flowing asana practice, with modifications and key details to help you get a really good feel for what each pose is asking you to do. Each week we’ll revisit the poses and build on what we’ve learnt to ensure that by the end you feel super-confident, with fantastic foundations from which to keep growing!

-       Finally we get to the best bit – savasana. This is the pose we do right at the end; you lie down, find some peace and some stillness and soak up all the benefits from moving your body and stilling your mind. 

-       Then you joyfully skip off home. (Or out for a lovely big Sunday lunch – either is encouraged!)


- Crystal Palace Osteopaths, 10 Westow Street, Crystal Palace, SE19 3AH.


The first lesson is on Sunday 6th October and the final lesson is on Sunday 22nd December. We start promptly at 9.30am and each class lasts for one hour Please note that one class will be taught by another awesome Real Life Yoga instructor.


Apart from your time, effort, good humour, and awesomeness? You pay just £130 for the 10 lessons to be used over the 12 weeks of the course. A very limited number of drop-in places are sometimes available - they’re £15 each.

What you need to know:

If you have any serious medical issues you should check with your doctor before booking and participating. Please inform Meg prior to booking if you have any serious conditions or mobility-limiting issues.

The course is located on the second floor of Crystal Palace Osteopaths which can only be accessed via 3 flights of stairs. If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact Meg on or 07747 481688 or email.

 Please check out the terms and conditions page prior to booking so that we’re all find and dandy with the ‘official’ stuff!